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Farmer’s Market Finds!

I love farmer’s markets. It’s as simple as that.

I love going out on weekend mornings and being surrounded by a beautiful plethora of vibrant produce calling “buy me, eat me.” I love talking with the farmers and hearing them boast about their heirloom carrots and delicate handmade crafted honeys. I love the atmosphere and small talk with fellow shoppers: “Have you ever tasted such peppery arugala? How do you plan to cook that?” Really, put me in a farmer’s market and you’ll think I’m a kid in a neon colored, sugary goodness candy store. This actually would have been my kind of store a few years ago. But since reevaluating my eating habits, and making some adjustments, I have found that by strongly limiting my intake of processed, artificial, sugary treats that I (shockingly) now crave the simple sweetness of fresh fruits and natural sweeteners such as honey, agave, and maple syrup. Not to mention, my blood sugar levels don’t skyrocket only to plummet an hour or so later, but that’s another post all together ;)

But in all seriousness, farmer’s markets are also a huge support to the awesome farmers that harvest our food! ┬áIt’s as close to the farm as we’ll ever get, that is, unless we plant and grow our own food in our backyards! I wish, but one day! You are bypassing the whole middle man and the unnecessary commercialism of the entire food system, and simply going back to the roots, literally!

So, I’m here today to tell you about my all-star scores at one of my new favorite farmer’s markets in the area! For the first time ever, I checked out the San Rafael Farmer’s Market and boy was it huge! They had a phenomenal selection of local bakeries, fruit and veg, meat and seafood, artisan crafts, and even local food trucks cranking out some good dishes! I must credit my mama for introducing me to this wonderful new market!

Here’s what I ended up buying:

  • two(!) bunches of kale: my latest obsession=kale chips. oh. my. god.
  • a bundle of cilantro: will add to my honey peanut butter tofu wrap! yum-o! and already made some cilantro pesto!
  • a teeny tiny butternut squash: I’ll probably dice this baby and roast it, then add it to some more pasta
  • a bag of arugala: I love me some arugala salad, this type of leafy green is SO peppery and distinct in flavor, I LOVE it!
  • a hunk of fresh ginger: perfect for waking up some veggie rice bowls or some marinades/sauces
  • a whopping 22-slice loaf of whole grain honey flax bread from a bakery in Hayward
  • a 1-pound bag of raw walnuts: perfect for my morning oats or a mid day snack
  • an overflowing handful or two of seedless mandarins: my all time favorite snack for breaks running between classes
  • a jar of local star thistle honey: this sweet syrupy goodness has a subtle thistly aftertaste and is a NorCal award winner!

Snack time!

See those five stars? I concur.








All in all, I’d say it was a pretty successful trip! Not to mention, I indulged in a blueberry cream cheese croissant (so lucious and creamy!), plus on our way out I picked up a vegetarian taco from a local, organic, sustainable taco truck that was comprised of a corn tortilla with sauteed zucchini and fennel, fresh mixed salad greens, cilantro yogurt sauce, and a spoonful of juicy pomegranate seeds! Delish!

For any potential readers out there, I’m curious: do you like to shop at Farmer’s Markets? Why or why not?

Shalom and good eats!



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